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The people of mining colony Norton Outpost are addicted to murder. Kith slaughter kin over petty conflicts and bad habits. A union strike raises tensions to a boiling point. The true killer stalks unseen among protest signs and workers on the edge of chaos in…

Picket Line Tango is a noir-inspired murder mystery adventure in space for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG 1e. It has everything you need for night after night of thrills, suspense and economic horror, including:

  • 15 new NPCs—each a suspect, each terrified for their lives, two already dead.
  • 12 rundown colony locations bottled up inside an atmospheric dome. Once the PCs go in, no one gets out.
  • The shocking truth about the real killer and new mechanics for generating their grizzly deeds.
  • Tools for running deteriorating strike conditions including a tumultuous timeline, spine-chilling corporate threats, and a chaos tracker primed to send Norton Colony over the edge.
  • Jazzy art on every spread from legendary Spanish illustrator Roque Romero.
  • Hieronymous, a pet bear in a gilded cage.

Winner of The Awards 2022!

“Picket Line Tango is a fantastic sci-fi horror adventure because it delivers on exactly what it promises and simultaneously turns it all on its head.”

 - The Awards Judge Commentary

A 16-page, full-color zine table ready for One-Shots or short Campaigns. Easily adapted to your sci-fi RPG of choice.

Fully hyperlinked, bookmarked and screen-reader ready PDF included.
Compatible with Mothership 1st Edition.
Made entirely by humans.

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  • Ratti Incantati (CA)


Written by Emily Weiss
Illustrated by Roque Romero
Edited by Ian Yusem
Proofreading by Fiona Maeve Geist
Layout by
Eric K. Hill

Published by Anodyne Printware


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I'm trying to get the 1e update, but it looks like Exalted Funeral doesn't have that file yet.  Any other way to get it or are they going to get the updated file eventually?

Hey, Exalted Funeral definitely has the 1e files for all the Anodyne Printware stuff -- including Picket Line. You should reach out to them about it, they might just have not updated the downloads on their backend yet.

Good to hear.  They usually send out an email when they've updated them, so I'll wait until they've finished their process :)  Thanks!

If I got the physical copy from a zine site would it possible to get a pdf somehow?

I generally include PDFs with physical purchase, but it's possible I messed up and forgot to send someone the files to use. Where'd you buy it?

Took me a minute to check the sites I buy from but I found it, Spear Witch july 2 of this year

Shoot me a message on Twitter (link's on my creator page). I'll get you sorted.


Love the art style!