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A sandbox campaign for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG or your favorite Sci-Fi RPG system originally made for the Mothership 3rd Party Mega Bundle.

This pamphlet supplement ties twelve 3rd party Mothership adventures together for convenient use in sandbox campaign play. It features:

  • A gorgeous pixel art map keyed with all included adventure locations plus extra points of interest to fill in with your own material.
  • Hooks, rumors, and clues that create a robust web of connections between adventures and reward exploration.
  • A job table modified by the party's local reputation. Pursue notoriety or credibility to gain lucrative pirate or corporate contracts.
  • Warden advice for running a sandbox campaign in Mothership.

This sandbox campaign includes locations from the following adventures:
Alcor Station
Diminishing Returns
Dinoplex: Cataclysm
Echoes in the Graveyard
Green Tomb
Moonbase Blues
The Black Heart of Paradise
The Black Pyramid
The Last Nebula
Welcome to ERF

A B&W tri-fold pamphlet. Includes both standard B&W and print-friendly PDFs.
Compatible with Mothership 1st Edition.
Made entirely by humans.


Buy directly from our own Anodyne Store or another of your favorite indie webstores, including:

  • Tuesday Knight Games (US)
  • Exalted Funeral (US)
  • Ratti Incantati (CA)


Written by Ian Yusem
Layout by Eric K. Hill
Art by Ribston Pippin

Published by Anodyne Printware


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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This is a truly awesome trifold that almost defines a new genre, the plug and play 3rd party product campaign.  I am super invested in Hull Breach vol 1, and can't wait to see the 1e versions of the trifolds.  I truly think were it not for that awesome project, we would have seen this trifold expanded into a larger collaborative project, because there is so much here, yet it's so simple.  Great work Ian!

Hi Ian! Happy New Year! I was a little bit offline these last days and I haven’t seen the Mega Bundle offer. Do you think it's possible to do an exception and allow me to buy it... a little bit later. Thanks in advance, with best regards. Nefal


Hi Nefal. Unfortunately the bundle doesn't work that way, I can't turn it back on now that it's over.


I already own all the books included in the bundle. Is there any way to purchase The Third Sector besides paying $20?


Hey! For the duration of the bundle at least, we're keeping The Third Sector exclusive to the bundle. After that, we'll consider finding a way to release it for folks like you who already own the included adventures. So, not yet.

Thank you.